Rivercove Residences EC

Rivercove Residences EC is the latest EC by Hoi Hup Realty set to launch from the Sengkang and Anchorvale area. This EC’s winning bid came in Hoi Hup’s bidding of $235million to its storyline of land. With the bid, Hoi Hup has been place to launch this EC in Anchorvale Lane and also this EC is defined to be well-received because of How there Hasn’t Been any fresh EC other than Lush Acres from the instant area

Also, Rivercove Residences EC Anchorvale Lane is expected to function as effectively received awarded that Treasure Crest by Sim Lian Land was sold out 70% on the launching day. Analyst also note that there aren’t many EC units left from the Punggol Sengkang spot and Rivercove Residences Sunway Developments will be well received by HDB upgraders round in the Punggol and Sengkang area.

Rivercove Residences Hoi Hup Realty is currently situated in the Sengkang and also Anchorvale location with several amenities are centers located within the region. The iconic Compass One Buying Centre located next to Sengkang MRT Station provides all the Everyday necessities to the residents of Rivercove Residences EC by Hoi Hup Realty along with Sunway Developments. As an example, anchor tenants including Cold Storage, Kopitiam and MacDonald’s are located in Compass 1. Rivercove Residences Anchorvale Lane can be located near to Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre at which you will find ample facilities like a in door swimming pool pool as well as water-slides for a top quality family time.

South East Asia Award Biggest Winners – CDL


CDL took home the year’s greatest honour for Best Developer in Singapore who lately just launched Forest Woods with very successful sales records.

Property giant City Developments Limited (CDL) emerged as the big winner in the annual South East Asia Property Awards (Singapore) 2016.

Now in its sixth year, the prestigious event, which is organised by PropertyGuru Group, aims to honour the nation’s top developers and real estate projects.

CDL and its subsidiary Novel Developments swept nine classes at the awards, for example, year’s greatest honour for Best Developer (Singapore). M S and Qingjian Realty additionally took home multiple awards.

CDL dedicated their success to their late Deputy Chairman Kwek Leng Joo, who pushed for the development of sustainable, green and quality projects for consumers.

Mink Tan, Chief Designer and Architect of MINKKE Architects, who also chaired the judging panel, said: CDL and again “Time delivers. Their expertise as well as consistency in upscale, residential property development is probably unmatched in the real estate scene in Singapore. And the business’s continuing and initiating initiatives in its sustainability drive is a testament to its true concern for the bigger world.”

With quality, sustainability and green building as the very best priorities for many local developers, Singapore is considered a model for many emerging markets in the region, despite a slow year for new starts.

Meanwhile, the editors of Property Report magazine, presented Francis Koh, Managing Director and Group CEO of Koh Brothers Group the Real Estate Personality of the Year award.

Koh was selected for his significant contributions to Singapore’s property sector, including his company’s recent infrastructure, civil engineering and eco developments.

Around 400 senior business executives from the region attended the awards, which was supported by Hansgrohe, Mitsubishi Electric and CNN International.

Complete record of Winners and Highly Commended at the South East Asia Property Awards (Singapore)

Who Says Small & New Property Setup Cannot Have Big Dreams?

SRI has strategies to grow its team to more than 200 estate agents and means to focus on strata-titled properties.

Real estate veteran Tony Koe has been named CEO of Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI), disclosed the property bureau on Tuesday, 23 August.He was formerly in charge of developing new property technologies, realizing accelerated sales increase, managing acquisition and merger deals, and carrying out tactical business plans.

The truth is, Koe is well known for being an early adopter of online marketing in the property business. He also developed an analytics portal site, providing historical property transaction data to help consumers make educated choices on their purchases.

This year began in May, SRI is a cooperation between Koe and his company Benson Koh and associates Bruce Lye. Koh and lye co-founded another property company after it separate from SLP Realty called SRI5000 six years past.

Located near to a Tiong bahru condo, around Highline Residences is their current office.

Koh included that SRI will concentrate on the direction of strata-titled properties.

All three guys have ambitious plans to grow the business’s work force from 150 to more than 200 estate agents by early 2017. They also expect to declare five property management appointments by the end of this year.

Thoughts For the News : Pastor jailed two weeks for road rage

Referring to this news article: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/pastor-jailed-two-weeks-for-road-rage

I’m glad the lawyer for Pastor Daniel, Mr Wee said (to defend his client) what some are too shy to say or admit..

Mr Wee said Cheo’s conviction would “effectively end his present career”

Yes, being a pastor IS a career. In fact it can be a very lucrative career. It goes without saying.

Everyone believes what u say. Straightaway u get a badge of respect. Magically, u are elevated above everyone else. Few would scrutinise u and your intentions. Because everyone thinks you were installed by divine forces. No one questions you as it would be rude. In the past, holy folks are respected because they willingly give up worldly possessions to enlighten others. You don’t have to these days. U can have a private jet, own mansions and flaunt your wealth.

Pastor Daniel drives an Alfa Romeo. Not too shabby rite?

So yup, it’s a great career. Have what it takes? Go for it! 

Increasing price in HK causes misery to people

The skyrocketing house prices in Hong Kong are making its citizens depressed, with two thirds of the residents isn’t a great area to live, reported Forbes mentioning a Civic Exchange research.

This is much lower compared to Singapore’s Shanghai’s and 13 percent 16 percent. Moreover, 42 percent of Hong Kong residents indicated they’d leave the city if they were free to stay elsewhere on earth.

Their pessimism is largely driven by the city’s soaring property costs. In its 2016 report, economical group Demographia recorded Hong Kong as the world’s toughest place to purchase a house.

The most affect young individuals. Confronted with the prospect of being unable to purchase a house without assistance from their families, 79 percent of individuals aged 18 to 29 said Hong Kong is now a worse place to reside; 61 percent of 60- to 65-year olds concurred.

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Why Owning Your Residence Is Better Than Renting

Owning your own home can be intimidating for some. You may worry what will happen if you become ill and cannot make a mortgage payment, or what if a Category 5 hurricane blows through and you have a large insurance claim to make. But the truth is all of these negative things can also happen when you are renting your home too. And then where would you be?

If you got sick for a month when owning your residence, the bank may accept a late payment, or even put one to the back of your payment book and let you skip it. If you are renting and cannot make the payment, you are given seven days to vacate the premises. Large insurance claims are not a good thing, as they mean you have suffered a loss and can make your premiums rise. But in the end you have your home to go back to, and the equity it provides.

Have you stopped to think, though, about the good things home ownership can mean?


Saving Money


Rent is normally more expensive than a mortgage. It’s unfair and awful, yes, but it is the truth. A condo that has a 500 dollar mortgage payment will often have a rent of 800 or 900 dollars a month. And keep in mind those rent payments are never-ending. Your mortgage will eventually be paid off.


The tax deductions are a big bonus that renters never receive. You get deductions for interest paid on the mortgage and for property taxes. If you go to sell the home, the IRS will not apply a tax for up to 250 thousand dollars of the profits you make. This number is doubled if you are married.


 Your Way, Not Theirs


All those little things that your landlord has control over when you rent are your decision if you own. You won’t have to ask if you want to hang a heavy bathroom mirror, fence in the yard to get a dog, or build an outbuilding. There won’t be any ‘no trucks allowed’ rule or ‘no pets’ rule.

 Always Have Washer and Dryer Hookups

Many people who rent an apartment vs a condo or house have to use a laundry room with a coin-operated laundry room. You always have to have a big stash of quarters around, the laundry is only open certain hours of the day, you cannot leave a load to wash while you go run another errand, and so on. In your own house, this is never a problem. You always have washer and dryer hookups, and it’s open 24/7.

As you can see, there are a lot of pros to home ownership. Happy house-hunting!

Crucial Time Management Buying Real Estate Agents

images (2)1.Know the property well:

To manage the time properly and take the decisions onto the correct time, the very first thing that end up being done to understand about the properties well. One can sort through the local areas while a record of the marked properties. This can help in remaining updated one upcoming properties and conserve the buyers by offering the most suited property/land.

2.Interaction without the pain . property owners:

Having a talk the new property owners helps good in deciding which property they desires to invest in the future. Interacting with persons if not helps in present time, then which is often used surely support in taking future decisions with perfection. Individuals anyhow important, as might give clear understanding among the projects in which might get interested within just.

3.Knowing the attitude from the investors:

Occupying the local property at easy price is always an experienced option. But, to decide whether the house or property is actually fruitful or not, it’s not important to think about from the investors see. For this, one must keep on talking towards investors on regular intervals to identify their attitude and thoughts related to investments.

4.Identify the time & opportunity:

To take the decisions well on time, it critical to know which state of mind in the investors, this is ultimately the investors or home buyers, which to consider the decision. If one knows as soon as the investors are usually planning to acquire more property or customise the investments, then availing the opportunities attached to it get easier.

5.Enhance the network

In a business like real estate, it is important that database is revived on regular periods. The database of recent customers is very important as interaction with increased people assistance expanding the network and cover wider market, thus business opportunities also get widens.

6.Keeping the network active

If the contacts aren’t interacted with on regular basis, any created network might get jam. So, ensuring that the people with whom contacts are built are constantly contacted. Providing relevant & useful information to men and women about the properties of their interests works well for building relations & reliance.

These end up being the six crucial points will be very necessary in taking right decisions at right time. Those possess done license course marketplace already be knowing about its meaning. So, follow them and see great gains.