Increasing price in HK causes misery to people

The skyrocketing house prices in Hong Kong are making its citizens depressed, with two thirds of the residents isn’t a great area to live, reported Forbes mentioning a Civic Exchange research.

This is much lower compared to Singapore’s Shanghai’s and 13 percent 16 percent. Moreover, 42 percent of Hong Kong residents indicated they’d leave the city if they were free to stay elsewhere on earth.

Their pessimism is largely driven by the city’s soaring property costs. In its 2016 report, economical group Demographia recorded Hong Kong as the world’s toughest place to purchase a house.

The most affect young individuals. Confronted with the prospect of being unable to purchase a house without assistance from their families, 79 percent of individuals aged 18 to 29 said Hong Kong is now a worse place to reside; 61 percent of 60- to 65-year olds concurred.

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