Thoughts For the News : Pastor jailed two weeks for road rage

Referring to this news article:

I’m glad the lawyer for Pastor Daniel, Mr Wee said (to defend his client) what some are too shy to say or admit..

Mr Wee said Cheo’s conviction would “effectively end his present career”

Yes, being a pastor IS a career. In fact it can be a very lucrative career. It goes without saying.

Everyone believes what u say. Straightaway u get a badge of respect. Magically, u are elevated above everyone else. Few would scrutinise u and your intentions. Because everyone thinks you were installed by divine forces. No one questions you as it would be rude. In the past, holy folks are respected because they willingly give up worldly possessions to enlighten others. You don’t have to these days. U can have a private jet, own mansions and flaunt your wealth.

Pastor Daniel drives an Alfa Romeo. Not too shabby rite?

So yup, it’s a great career. Have what it takes? Go for it! 

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